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The pandemic and the economic shifts saw more people working from home and spending less time going out. This had a huge effect on the digital marketing landscape. 2020 was full of huge changes; let’s start with working from home; working remotely has given people more flexibility. It means less time or even no time commuting. This means that people are spending more time online than ever before; they’re searching for information and conducting more research for businesses and personal purchases. Consumers are using more subscription services for entertainment, fitness, and even business collaboration and growth. This is a fundamental shift in the way people spend their time. In fact, the co-founder of slack recently stated that 2020 provided a once-in-a-generation opportunity to completely reimagine how we do our jobs and run our companies. 

Think for a moment about the ways businesses and marketing have already been affected by this, and businesses have to rethink how they draw people in, finding new ways to sell to them.

Gig economy jobs, like food delivery, have flourished this year; this changed the way people think about dining out even after the pandemic. So restaurants will likely need to pivot for the long term.

4 Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2021 :

Increased Digital Ads

Digital ad spending took a big hit early in 2012, but in many parts of the economy, it rebounded pretty fast as companies pivoted. One study shows that advertising on E-commerce platforms jumped, almost 40% in 2020. That same study predicts another 30% Jump in 2021; brands need to make sure that people will actually find them across all of their channels. And this could definitely mean more experts, and with more ad spend also comes more pressure for SEOs and digital marketers to perform and execute well.

If you look at our channel, we have hours and hours of video content aimed at helping you optimize your workflow, or video on common SEO mistakes can definitely be a great starting point to make sure you set foot when you claim one. 

Core Web Vitals

Google has made changes to Core Web Vitals. It will be a huge deal in 2021, and there are a lot of things that should be known about this core algorithm update that’s coming in May 2021.

Core web vitals will look at how fast pages load for the device you are using, but it will go much deeper in analyzing a wide range of factors in the user experience. The key will be to fix all the problems that you have on the website.

Audio Content

Audio content is on the rise. Did you know that more than 100 million people listen to at least one podcast each month. Podcasting has come a long way. These free streaming lights cover every topic under the sun, and you can listen while you do just about anything else. This stat is a huge reminder that audio content is on the rise in 2021 and Twitter gets that they just released a feature that allows users to send audio-based tweets let’s not forget about an audio-based application called clubhouse that is shaking up the voice-driven social media world. An average user of a clubhouse typically spent two hours on a clubhouse livestream. It is currently invite-only, and not many people around the world have access, yet it is already a trend. 

User-Generated Content

This is definitely not anything new, but just like live streaming in 2020, user-generated content marketing is really skyrocketed, more businesses are turning to social media to promote their products than ever before, but not in a typically paid ad kind of way that you’re used to seeing, user-generated content and those videos, images or reviews that you see your favorite brands reposting all the time, they’re candid real, and they are super relatable. In fact, more than 86% of companies are using user-generated content as part of their marketing strategy. Sometimes it’s an actual influencer with a paid partnership with that brand, and other times it’s genuine feedback from fans of brands, and it is totally brilliant because it works.

User-generated content is basically the best word-of-mouth marketing strategy you could ever implement. It all comes down to the core of the fact that people trust other people, but we don’t always trust the brand itself. Well, at least not at first; we all expect your brand to self-promote and talk about how great they are, that when someone else promotes them with a successful case study or an unboxing video, we tend to actually start thinking about the brand. 

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