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Are you aware of Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO techniques? Have you ever wondered what is the difference between these two in digital marketing? Let’s have a look in detail.

When the search engine searches for entered keywords in the search bar, it will look for your page and scan it. If the keyword matches and if you have accurate details according to that keyword, your page will be recommended first by the search engine. That is what we call search engine optimization or SEO. Though SEO methods are mostly used to generate more public in your blog or post, there are still ways to use the SEO in a non-genuine way, which we call Black Hat SEO.

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO simply can be expressed as spamdexing or search engine spam. Black Hat SEO has many tactics, and they are used for violating search results and for manipulating search engine optimization. Black hat SEO is unethical and not fair game for the Search Engine. It allows you generate more traffic to your post by violating the search engine guidelines. There are many ways and tactics to use Black Hat SEO.                                                                                                               

Black Hat SEO Techniques:

It is for sure that everyone wants their website or to be on the top of the search results list. Well, there are genuine tactics and ways to do that, but using Black Hat SEO may lead your site to the top but for a short time. You can say Black Hat SEO is a shortcut and certainly a dangerous way to success.

Keyword Spamming: The search engines search for keywords in your content or blog to rank it and to show it in the search results. But when you’re using keywords in your content in a misleading way and passing keyword in the blog, unusually, that can be marked as keyword spamming, and this is a way to use Black Hat SEO.

Making your content full of a keyword but with less relatable information about it may take your site ranking to the top, as search engines look for keywords. Still, that top-ranking will last no longer than one or two weeks until the search engines flag your site for spamming keywords. This will surely decrease your site’s ranking in the long term.

Hidden Texts: To use Black Hat SEO sometimes developer hides some unrelated but trending keywords in their content. The spamming and adding keyword will positively impact the search engine ranking and will give better SEO but not permanent. Developers write text in the same colour as the background so that the public in that domain cannot see that, but the search engine crawler can find that and will rank the site on the search page better.

Although this technique worked before, nowadays the search engines have become smarter. The search engine will eventually find the hidden texts that you used to SEO your page and will even penalize your domain for a lifetime.

Paid Links: There are also software(s) in the market that spams your page URL in countless web pages across the internet, in various comment sections, ads, etc. Well, this link spamming technique will gain a lot of traffic on your page within one or two days, but this is also a Black Hat SEO technique. And ultimately, your domain will end up getting blocked or penalized by the search engine.

Cloaking The Content: When developers bait the user to visit the site unintentionally, they don’t find the information they need. Sometimes, you may click on one link but end up getting redirected to another link. This is an example that the page content was cloaked. This way, people visit your website, but the user experience they get is too bad.

Article Spinning: When content writers and website developers do not use their content, instead, they use other website’s content that is already on the internet. This way, your website will get good SEO and SERP, but eventually, it will get marked by the search engine. Though you can get benefits in ranking, there are many drawbacks. First of all, black hat SEO is not a legal thing. You can have a penalty for using extreme level black hat SEO. So, you have to be aware of that.  

There are some disadvantages of black hat SEO 

Unethical method: Is is an unethical method. So you should be aware of it. It can damage you and your website in many ways. Also, it is only can help you to get temporary results.

Spamming: This method is a spam practice. So you should not be regulated with these things. And to create quality content, you have to avoid unnecessarily spamming.

Penalty: The final punishment will be your site can be lost forever. If your website gets penalized, you will lose everything you were doing. So it will be wise to stay away from this matter. And your website will not be available anymore in the search engine index. It would be completely thrown out of it.

What Is White Hat SEO?

Spamming is not bad, but it should be in a manner. Well, it is called white hat SEO. It is the opposite version of black hat SEO. White hat SEO is under the rules and regulations of search engines.

There are some techniques of white hat SEO, which are listed below.

Link Building: Link building is something you can do for more reach. You have to create sub-contents that will cover your main content. First, you can build up content to make a hype of your main content. You can use alternate keywords on these pages and embed the link for your main content in them. So, you can get more traffic than regular.

Keyword-Rich Titles And Metadata: Many ignore this technique, but it is a helpful technique for improving your ranking on the search results page. You can also use this trick as a white hat SEO technique. You need to write a proper and purposeful description for your page and include keywords.

Mark-up Language: You can use structural mark-up languages and keyword-rich headings for your content. It is a part of white hat SEO. It will help crawl bots to find your page easily. Also, recommend it to your search engine as a good result, which ultimately improves your ranking on search result pages.

Simple Website Navigation: Make sure not to use unrecognized words for your content. It will not help to get traffic. Always make your content and web page easy to understand and simple.

Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO
Ethical and Genuine wayUn-ethical, shortcut and dangerous method
User friendlyBad user experience
Contents are mainly for the consumersContents are supposed to get search engine attention
It Will make a great impact in the long termIt makes positive impact immediately but fails in long term game
Will get a positive review and feedback for good contentsWill eventually get penalized for a lifetime by the search engine.

These few white hat SEO techniques will help you improve your rank on the search engine results page, which will lead your page towards heavy traffic.

Also hope you can understand the difference between black hat and white hat SEO. So, now you can understand the usage of both and can use it as your preference. But try to follow the guidelines always. It will help your site to grow more and get more traffic.

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