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Have you ever wondered that how search engines work?  How can you only search with a few words and your desired result pop up in your browser? If you somehow wondered then today, you will get to know how it exactly works. There are some big things and points you need to remember about it for a basic understanding of digital marketing. A search engine works in few steps, such as crawling, indexing, and ranking. It might look simple, but it is not. Your one tap goes through a big circulation to complete your search process. Here are the basic elements of the work process of your search engine.

What is crawling?

The first step of the working process of your search engine is crawling. Crawling is a very ingesting yet complicated procedure. First of all, you should know what the keyword is. The keyword is something you use in the search engine. The words or phrase you are writing in your search engine’s starch bar is called the keyword. So, these are only the basics of keywords. After you put the keyword in your search engine, then there are crawling bots, and spiders start working and find page after page to find the relatable result for your keywords.

For Google, it is the Google bot that searches for content relatable to your keywords. And the most relatable result which is indexed is being shown to you. Suddenly, the index thing came up, don’t worry, we will be talking about it later.

The crawling bot finds billions of pages for you, and it lists the links of the pages in your crawling list. The crawling bots scan from the known page to the new page for your result. Once your search engine finds a URL, your crawling bots scan the whole page to find the keyword inserted by you.

Then the bot and the search engine look over the page, both textual and none textual content. And it also checks out the visuals of that page. Then the search engine decides which page will be appearing in which place according to your search. Basically, the crawling bots list the indexed site for crawling and then scan the page for your keywords that you have entered in the search engine, according to the similarity of the keywords, overall related content.

The most important is the new and updated content. It is the key factor for your engine. After considering this major fact, your search engine ranks those pages for your best result and shows it two you. There comes the indexing part for your search engine so let’s know about that.

Indexing in search engines

Indexing is a major important thing for your searches and its result. It is also important if you want to show your content to others. Let’s jump into it and look at how indexing works.

The index is like a database that is stored in your search engine. The index has all the information of all websites that google or your specified search engine can find. Note which sites are not indexed will not be available for your search engine. So if you are posting your content, it has to be indexed in the search engine. The crawling process needs a lot of help with indexing.

First of all, the crawling bots will be trying to index the site and scan it. As per indexing, your page will help you stay upfront with your ranking. The crawling bots scan all the websites available in the index. Then shortlist a few contents related to the keywords you have entered in the search engine. So if you have that content on your page, but you did not index your site, it will not be shown as a result.

Are you thinking about indexing your site on Google or any search engine? To index your site, you don’t need to do anything. After publishing your site, the crawler bots will be visiting your page to index it in the database. So it will scan your page’s content automatically and index it in the search engine.

Note that sometimes the crawler does not even read the content because it is secured with bots or .txt directive. It might be not accessing the content related to keywords but related to the site. So that’s about the index. Now let’s talk about ranking. And how you can put your site on the top of the listed results.

What is ranking?

The ranking is the most important thing if you list your site on the internet and someone is searching for something you have on your page. So let’s first see what ranking is. The ranking is the result you get after indexing and crawling by the search engine bots. After scanning the pages, the search engine decides which page has the most related content according to your keywords that you entered in the search engine. Accordingly, the search engine lists the most related page to the least related page and show them to help you to find your desired result.

In conclusion, you can say the search engine works in three major steps: indexing, crawling, and ranking. So that’s how your search result gets so accurate. And if you are listing your website on the internet, you need to remember this procedure for better growth. This work is done within a fraction of seconds which you can’t even imagine. So, you can say that search engine truly helps us get out of little doubt and curiosity with a few efforts to put keywords in it. And then it will precisely show your result.

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