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Does your site have low traffic? Or you are not coming up in the SEO ranking after posting SEO-friendly content on your page? There are some important things you should be aware of while doing digital marketing & also know about how to do keyword research!

First of all, let’s get onto what keyword is?

The keyword is something that you write on your search engine. It is a combination of words or a short phrase to describe what you want to see. So, you probably should know what the use of keywords is. And how it can be used properly.

For those who use a search engine, these keywords not might be an important thing. But for those who are posting their products, services, and content on their pages, these keywords play an important role for them. The keywords are something people are curious about. It can be a product, a topic, or a personality, etc. Keywords bare instant. And also random. Keywords are not planned or chosen. Keywords are just made.

What is keyword selection?

Let’s take an example, you’re a content writer for a company, and you have to write content about their latest product. Here when you are writing about it, you have to think like a customer. You have to think about when people will want to know about the product and what will they search for. There are many possibilities and important keywords such as (Naming the product an X) “Is X a good product?”, “What is the benefit of X product” or people can only search for X product. Well, that was an example of some keywords. Now let’s talk about the selection of keywords.

The last keyword, which is only the product name, is common or can say it will be used more to search the product X. But when it comes to the other two examples, you have to be precise. Well, you have to put crucial keywords to describe your product. Such as benefits, usage, and you have to use questions in your content as keywords for the people who love to ask their search engines.

So this is a little example that how you can choose perfect keywords for your content. Also, you can use keywords related to your product but not comparable to it. You always have to remember your target audience while choosing your keywords, which people you want to reach. You need to put that type of keywords to get the attention of them. Also, you have to use long keywords along with short keywords.

What are the benefits of choosing the right keywords?

Choosing the right keywords will help you in the search result rankings. If someone searched for your product, there would also be other pages and sites describing your product. But if your selection of keywords is more accurate and precise, then the search engine bots will consider your content first.

Also, the inclusion of related keywords will help you stay in front of the search result list. This is the most important benefit of your choice of perfect keywords. Also, mentioning the product more and more times will help you stay in front of someone who just searches with the product name.

When you are writing your content, you always have to remember popular searching terms which people frequently use to search. Long keywords sometimes help more to get the audience. Sometimes people search for a detailed description with long keywords on the search engine. So putting long keywords in your content will help you rise in the ranking list.

What are SEO keywords?

You can use many types of keywords, but SEO-friendly or Search Engine Optimization friendly keywords will help you more to stay up in the search result rankings.  The content you write should be SEO-friendly and also the keywords. You always have to remember that your audience will search if they want to find your product of the same kind of product.

Here the SEO-friendly keywords should be related to your product; otherwise, it will be a black hat SEO. Well, you don’t have to know about this. The most important thing is you have to check and make double sure about the keywords you used are SEO friendly or not. Because if your content is SEO-friendly content, it will be easier to have your result in front of the result list.

So hope you all understand what keywords research is and how to find perfect keywords for your content and make it SEO-friendly. It would be best if you also kept an eye on seed keywords. These are effective keywords and will help get more search engine extension. Seed keywords are small choices of words and synonyms of words. Suppose you wrote a word somewhere in your content. You will then write it again, but here you can use a synonym for the word. These are called seed keywords. This will also help you to stay on the top.

In conclusion, you can say choosing a precise keyword and a bunch of accurate keywords according to your content will boost your content to show on the top as a search result for someone who searched a related topic. You should make a list of keywords when you are about to write SEO-friendly content. When researching keywords, you have to look at your target audience for a better result. So you can consider who your competitors are so you can make better of it. Also hope you are cleared with the keywords working ideas.

How to put it in your content is totally upon you. The best way you can write it is according to your target audience interests. Hope this will help you to make your SEO-friendly content. And also, put your content on the top of search results.

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