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Whether you’re creating a new product, an art book, or any other kind of object, showcasing product photos on your website, social media platforms, and other pages is one of the most effective ways to engage with your customers because it allows you to showcase the features of your product, and illustrate your creative point of view. Product photos need to tell or sell a story, and in order to do that, the photo should include thoughtful details to the images that give helpful information to viewers. But it is something that’s much easier said than done.

Purchasing stock photos isn’t an option for most business owners, and even if stock images are an option, they may not be unique enough to represent the personal brand or speak effectively to the customers. 

That’s why product photos are considered to be one of the most popular ways to showcase your product. Lifestyle photos bring the product to life, and they can help the potential customer visualize the product in a real-world situation. 

Here Are Some Key Elements of a Product Photography :

Besides interaction, environment, and details in the photos, there are some ideas to enhance the product images and improve sales.

Shoot Wide

Now because these are product photos, everybody wants to show more of a scene but setting the scene by having a wider frame can bring a lot of change in the big picture because having a narrow frame will just compress things too much, which will put too much focus on one spot. The idea behind this tactic is to try not to be too product-oriented because it will miss all the peripheral details. 

Life With Style

Showing life with style, the big picture here is to use less posing, which means using motion blur or in-between moments of using the product. These tactics are great because it feels natural, it feels like these frames were being just captured at the moment, the imperfection ends up being perfection, playing with your foreground and background elements, just because we’re showing these products doesn’t mean in every single frame they have to be in focus. And then lastly, it is about trying to photograph moments rather than setups that make the customers feel a little more relatable like maybe that’s how I would use that product.

Feature, But Don’t Feature

Don’t make the product person or thing obvious; subtlety is the key here. A good exercise is to just grab anything and imagine that you are tasked with taking lifestyle photos of that object. Like if I was to take lifestyle photos of this, what could I do.

Great lifestyle photos are not necessarily how the customers would use this product, but it’s just showing fun, a good time that’s featuring the product, but it’s not, featuring the product, 

But before using these 3 points at the time of the photo shoot, try thinking about these points to make it easy to understand the audience better:

● How are people using these, 

● Why are people using these, 

● Where are people using these things, and 

● Who’s using them.

When you answer those four questions, and you build a scene around it, and you take into account those 3 points, that’s going to lead you in some crispy. Product photography so quick round-up, shoot wide, show life with style, and feature, but not feature. 

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