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Most of the businessmen in India are worried about how they will keep their manufacturing business sustain for the next ten years without getting kicked out of the market due to extreme dynamic changes in the Global Market because of IT & eCommerce.

Jobs are going away, and the same story is with the companies. Established companies who previously had decent earning could employ a certain number of people in their local region. But with Multi-National Companies gaining an extra edge using the Internet, these companies are burning these small companies to the ground with their cutting-edge technology, discounts, & infrastructure.

The world is moving towards a different market where D2C (Direct to Consumers) will become the ultimate commerce by cutting the middleman. Due to this, the Manufacturers could not generate huge revenues unless backed via a good network of distributors and dealers. They have to give a credit line to boost their products faster into the market.

These significant events further boosted the Digital Revolution in India. Now the Internet is gaining faster penetration into the Indian market and with specific layers of digitalization in India like Demonetisation, Reliance Jio 4G Aggressive Pricing, UPI Adaptations and finally, the COVID Lockdowns. The manufacturers who previously had to depend on the dealership and distributorship market model can now opt for the Direct to Commerce (D2C) to launch their new & existing products to the National & Global Market.

Some Secrets of Global E-Commerce with D2C Model in 2021 Are :-

Direct 2 Commerce (D2C) split up into the following

  1. National D2C (Example: From Jodhpur to India via National Shipping Companies like Bluedart)
  2. International D2C (Example: Selling directly from Jodhpur to New York via International Shipping Companies via FedEx)

Any brand can successfully launch themselves via D2C Model – Sell anywhere in the country or sell directly to any place in the world by proper implementation of:-

  • Cutting Edge eCommerce Technologies
  • Robust Shipping Network
  • Inventory & Warehousing Solutions
  • AI-Based Sales & Support
  • Aggressive Digital Marketing
  • Branding & Photography

Global adaptation of International eCommerce is getting higher acceptance by consumer base, which wasn’t there before because of necessary payment middleman like Paypal, which safeguards the buyers from losing their money to fake sellers. Paypal had made International eCommerce very easy and had further boosted the revenues for eCommerce companies too many times. However, some sellers might hate Paypal due to higher fees and other restrictions. Still, one needs to understand that only because of Paypal they could sell directly to International Market in the first place.

If we mix the D2C Model with International eCommerce, any manufacturer, by getting associated with a Professional eCommerce & Digital Marketing Company, can easily make sales of $10,000 to $1,00,000 per month. ABCsteps Technologies Pvt Ltd has helped over 25 Mid-Large Scaled Manufacturers Jodhpur convert their conventional business to D2C eCommerce Business in the last two years.

We at ABCsteps are focused on a Revenue-based approach where the only variables you should have in your mind are – Incoming & Outgoing, i.e. Amount spent on Marketing & Infrastructure to the Total Revenue Generated. We don’t waste our client’s money by just doing Instagram & Facebook posting and showing increased likes on their account. Instead, we create a model where customer treats their Website like an Actual business – WHICH BRINGS MONEY IN THEIR BANK ACCOUNT rather than gaining Likes & Shares in their account.