Funding Insights

MakeO: Disrupting India’s Personal Care Landscape with $16 Million Funding Boost

Mumbai-based makeO, a trailblazer in accessible oral and dermatological care, made headlines in January 2024 after securing $16 million in funding. This round, led by 360 ONE Asset, along with participation from Ashish Kacholia’s investment office and existing investors, underscores the belief in makeO’s potential to reshape India’s massive personal care market.

India’s Beauty Boom: The Perfect Backdrop

India’s beauty and personal care industry is flourishing, fuelled by several powerful factors:

  • Disposable Income Growth: Rising incomes in urban and semi-urban India create a larger population with the means to invest in personal care.
  • Appearance Consciousness: Greater emphasis is placed on appearance for both social and professional reasons, increasing the demand for aesthetic solutions.
  • Digital Influence: Social media and influencers drive awareness and aspirations regarding beauty and grooming standards.

makeO recognized a significant opportunity in this environment, aiming to address the obstacles faced by many Indians seeking dental and skin care. Traditional in-clinic services can be expensive, time-consuming, and geographically limited. makeO’s value proposition rests on delivering clinical-grade treatments through a technology-enabled platform focused on convenience and affordability.

Product and Service Innovation

makeO’s core offerings fall into two main categories:

  • Oral Care
    1. Clear Aligners: Discreet, custom-designed aligners for teeth straightening.
    2. Teeth Whitening: Professional-grade products for brighter smiles.
    3. Dental Consultations: Remote and in-person consultations with dentists.
  • Dermatology
    1. Skin Treatments: Wide variety of solutions including hair removal, anti-aging, acne management, and skin rejuvenation.
    2. Consultations with Dermatologists: Expert advice and personalized treatment plans.
    3. Skincare Products: Clinically backed serums, creams, and more to support treatments and maintain healthy skin.

The makeO Experience

makeO’s strategy goes beyond simply offering products and services:

  • Tech-Forward: Customers access consultations, treatment plans, and progress tracking through a user-friendly platform.
  • Trust and Transparency: makeO leverages a large network of dentists and dermatologists to ensure expertise, while prioritizing transparent pricing and clear communication.
  • Expanding Access: makeO actively extends its reach through physical experience centers in major cities and partnerships for wider distribution.

Lessons for Indian Entrepreneurs

makeO’s trajectory offers several valuable lessons:

  • Market-Driven Solutions: Success stems from identifying a genuine market need and crafting solutions for a large consumer base.
  • Customer Centricity: makeO prioritizes convenience, trust, and affordability, aligning directly with consumer desires.
  • Strategic Investors: Attracting notable investors not only provides capital but also opens doors for growth and expertise.
  • The Power of Branding: High-profile ambassadors like Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli significantly enhance makeO’s brand recognition.


makeO’s recent funding round is a testament to its success and a strong indicator of continued growth, potentially propelling it to become a household name for affordable dental and skincare treatments in India. The company’s model presents a compelling case study for how disruption can be achieved in traditionally underserved markets.

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